Natasha Towner
​Natasha grew up in Mobile, Alabama where she learned at an early age that she had a desire to help others. After graduating from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, she launched her career in supply chain developing innovative strategies, marketing, and building value-added relationships with people in all walks of life. She’s lived all across the southeast where she’s had the opportunity to work for major corporations, run successful businesses of her own, and leave her mark! Natasha is a woman of many talents with the most recognized being her no-nonsense yet caring approach that has the ability to drive change and foster ingenuity in others. She’s passionate about the needs and goals of others and wants to inspire people to Simply Give Back.

Xanthia Settle
​Xanthia Settle grew up in Birmingham, AL, being active in various community activities. She  graduated from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) with a B.A. in Psychology, where she studied abroad in the United Kingdom and was exposed to various cultures and ways of life that were different from her own.  She went on to pursue a Master of Public Health degree, concentrating in Global Health, at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. During this time, Xanthia lived in South Africa, studied in Cuba and served through a Missions Trip to Ethiopia. Following many experiences seeing the needs, lack of support within various communities and the desire to do more, Xanthia returned to Emory University and graduated with  Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing degrees. Xanthia’s life has been dedicated to providing quality healthcare to individuals from all walks of life. Service of others within the community granted Xanthia the opportunities to learn, grow, travel and become successful.  It is now her turn to Simply Give Back.

Candace Delaine
A native Alabamian, Candace found herself in love with service at an early age.  During a time in her life when she was searching for purpose and passion, she was constantly plagued by this desire to help others.  In 2003, she completed her degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Industrial Distribution.  Although she continued to work on her corporate profile, she knew it was time to also engage her gift.  Now as a current resident of Texas, and employee of a Fortune 500 company, she heads the Community Involvement Team for her area.  She truly believes that to whom much is given, much is required.  Candace is excited by the work and future impact of Simply Give Back.

In 2010, a group of friends looking for a way to give back to their communities, decided to begin pooling their resources to help others.  They realized that waiting to have an abundance of money or people, would always have them doing just that, waiting.  So they began collecting monthly dues among themselves, and once a certain amount was reached, they would then simply give the funds away.  After seeing what they accomplished with just the five of them, they decided to incorporate and request the aid of the greater good to expand their reach.  From job preparation to coats for kids, they are excited about this journey.

Simply Give Back, a 501(c)(3) corporation, serves communities by providing intellectual, professional, and moral support to individuals who have been adversely impacted by unforeseen variables of day-to-day life. These goals will be accomplished by pooling resources, skills and soliciting the help of the community at-large to support, encourage  and equip those individuals with resources needed to improve their overall quality of life, perceived self-worth and ability to simply give back to their communities. 



Valencia Pratt
​Valencia is a life-long resident of Birmingham, Alabama.  She is also a mother of two wonderful teenagers.  Valencia is a graduate of Huffman High School, she continued her education at the great Tennessee State University and is currently a student at Strayer University majoring in Project Management.  Valencia is employed with the federal government as an Debt Analyst, she also serves on the DOKIMOS Dance Ministry at her church.  Her dream is to be an inspiration to others, to uplift, empower, and to make a positive impact to those in and around her community, all while setting an example for her children, demonstrating the importance of simply giving back.

Andrea Reliford
Andrea is a resident of Birmingham AL where’s she has resided her whole life. She is a product of the Birmingham Public School system where she developed her love for sports and health care.  From high school, she continued her quest for knowledge at Samford University, earning a B.S. in Education /  Athletic Training.  She later attended UAB graduate school and obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in 2007.  Andrea has always had a love for helping others,  which is rooted from the values instilled in her by family, friends, and relations with her community.  Her personal and professional motto is selfless acts of kindness can result in individual and community revitalization.